Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Tile Mirror

This is an easy afternoon project that I did in my guest bathroom. I got the tile for $4.95/sq ft. at Lowes so it is a budget friendly project as well!!!! The following are the items I used to do this project. (for a 33" mirror)

5 square ft. of tile of choice
1 roll of MusselBound tile adhesive tile mat (from Lowes)
Grout (in color of choice)
Puddy knife
Grout Sponge 
Tape and Paper to protect mirror

Step 1: To begin, Windex mirror and make sure it is clean and dry before starting.
Step 2: I wanted my "frame" to be 4 tiles thick so I pre-cut out the strips of tile.

 Step 3: I cut strips of the MusselBound to fit the back of the tile strips and applied them. After that I applied the strip with the tile to the mirror. 
Step 4: Using that same technique to work my way around the mirror. (cutting strips of the tile as needed) And making sure there was no extra netting or adhesive exposed around the edges.
Step 5: Once all of the tile was applied, I taped paper around the edges to protect the mirror from the grout. After that mix the grout according to the directions and apply.

Step 6: Follow the guidelines of the grout for waiting time before wiping with damp sponge. I waited about 20 minutes before I wiped mine. (also some spots I had to go back over with more grout because it was a little patchy! ........Give me a break it was my first time grouting!!!) 

Step 7: After wiping the grout I peeled off the tape and paper and viola!! A new updated look to my guest bathroom!!! (I did a little extra tiling around the side of the countertop as well)


  1. What's the name of those tiles u used and can they be removed without damaging the paint. I live in a rental.

  2. Not sure of the exact brand I used for this project, but I would suggest you looking into Smart Tiles. They would be a good alternative for renters. Here is a link to check it out!

  3. What color are on the walls and what brand??? Thanks in advance

  4. Did you get any bowing of the tile over the mirror clips?

  5. I did not get any bowing of the tile!

  6. Is your mirror glued to the wall or is it attached with clips? Ours is glued to the wall and we're wondering about the extra weight of the tile.

    1. Hello Laura, you do not have to worry about the weight of the Smart Tiles! The tiles are really lightweight (so light that it is the perfect tiles for any RV!). Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question: 1-877-784-2733 or Thank you.

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  8. Did you have the plastic tabs securing the mirror? What did you do with them?