Friday, February 27, 2015

Laundry Room Makeover

Back in November our handed down dryer broke after 8 long years of having to dry loads for MULTIPLE cycles to get them 100% dry (& after multiple attempts to "fix" other issues with it) With that being said, I was actually overly excited at the thought of getting a new dryer that I decided to go ahead and get a matching pair of front loaders! I found this LG set on on a fantastic Black Friday deal that I just could not pass up! Of course this immediately set off the project alarm in my brain! REDO THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!! I mean the washer and dryer had to be taken out of there anyways right?!?! So I ended up updating the look of our laundry room for under $100 and a weekend of work!

I started by painting the room with stripes. (I read it makes the room look bigger) I just bought the sample size paint containers because I had such a small amount of wall to paint. The lighter color is Valspar Cream Delight and the darker is Valspar Timber Dust.

While my first set of stripes were drying I decided to work on the flooring.
I bought a pack of Styleselections peel and stick tiles for this project. ($26 @ Lowe's)  These tiles were super easy to work with. I cut them using a box cutter. (with ease) I just used the little knowledge I have about tile work and started in the middle of the room working my way out.
Once all the painting and flooring was done I had Home Depot deliver and set up my new babies!! Once they were all installed I added a plywood top board that I stained, which can be used as a folding/ironing counter. I had my local Lowe's cut the plywood to the size that I needed (double check your measurements!!) Then I stained it with the rust-oleum wood stain in Kona pictured below followed by a few coats of matte polyurethane.

After the counter was installed I added some shelves that I had around the house, some canisters I grabbed at TJMaxx for $17, a couple of storage baskets & a trashcan from the Dollar Tree (for lint) and some other things I had around the house to accessorize with!

The project was a complete success! I turned our nonfunctional tiny little laundry room into a workable space with storage! I am much more excited to do laundry now for sure!!!!!

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